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                         RULES & REGULATIONS

                       December 3, 2013

Pursuant to the authority set forth in the declarations of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions of Quail Valley Association, Inc. as recorded in the office of the Riverside County Recorder, and which Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions run with the land are binding upon the owners thereof, the undersigned officers appointed by the Board of Directors of the Association does hereby set forth the Architectural and design standard rules and restrictions.

All provisions under these rules and regulations shall be subordinate and subject to applicable laws and ordinances. These rules replace all previously published Architectural Rules and Regulations for Quail Valley Park.

These are ongoing updates of Park requirements to insure the continuation of our quality appearance. Your involvement in helping our Park continue to comply with County Regulations is very necessary. Plot plans are available upon request from the Architectural Committee or the office. (CR) means that this particular rule is a Riverside County Regulation.


  1. 01The Architectural Committee shall consist of at least three (3) people from the membership of the Association. The term of the office shall be two (2) years.
  1. 02The chairperson shall be appointed by the Board of Directors. The committee members shall be selected by the chairperson, and approved by the Board of directors.
  2. 03The Committee shall meet monthly according to the by-laws. These meetings will take place on the 1st Monday of the month at 9:00 am, if possible.
  3. 04The members shall receive no compensation for services rendered other than reimbursement for expenses incurred in the performance of their duties.
  1. 05Plans for constructions, alteration, exterior painting, addition and modifications must be submitted to the Committee. Plans, if approved, will be signed by two (2) members, stamped “APPROVED” on each page of the request prior to commencement of work. On completion, the person that requested the permit will notify the committee that the work is complete and the work is ready to be inspected for compliance to plans, and again signed by two (2) members of the Architectural Committee. In all instances, forms are to be retained by Quail Valley Association and the Member/Owner. Approved modification plan must be displayed in a front window or another logical location on the lot. The Architectural Committee will inform the member what County Permits will be needed. Due to our seasonal occupancy and availability of a quorum of the Architectural Committee for permit approval and inspections, permits will only be issued for January thru March and October thru December in any calendar year. The work is to be done during October 1 of the current year to April 1 of the next year and the permit will expire October 1. The Committee may grant 30 day extensions if the situation warrants an extension. Work found to be in non-compliance or done without permit approval will require that it be brought into compliance or removed.
  1. 06The Committee may require the notice of 30 days prior to granting approval. All approvals require the signature of two (2) members of the Architectural Committee.
  2. 07Any RV/Park Model being brought into the Park on a permanent basis that is older than ten (10) years will not be allowed. Any unit, regardless of age, that is unsightly, offensive or detrimental to the Park’s overall appearance will not be brought into the Park. No RV/Park Model over 10 years of age will be relocated within the Park. All new and used units shall have prior approval of the Committee, and shall be RVIA approved.

Refer to site plan revised December, 2002. Refer to 9.02 of the By-laws.

  1. 08Vehicle Registration: All recreation vehicles which are sited within a Recreation Vehicle Park shall be registered, per Riverside County Ordinance. License plate is to be attached to unit inside or outside so that they are visible.
    1. 09See Architectural Committee for specifics on decks and stair designs.
  2. All exterior items mandated by the State of California and Riverside County, to include adequate access in and out of residences, will be complied with. This will include steps, decks and any other structures that are needed for this access.
  3. These items and any outstanding construction permits issued by the Architectural Committee will be completed before a member will be permitted to rent or sell his/her membership.
  4. Clearance for renting or selling a membership will be obtained from the Architectural Committee before permission is given to rent or sell.
    1. Radio or short wave of any kind
    2. TV antennae or Satellite dishes over 22 inches. Exceptions to mounting the antenna at the rear of permanent units require Architectural Committee approval.
    3. Exterior CB or radio antennae.


2.01     Minimum of three (3) feet from back of property line. (CR)

2.02     Minimum of three (3) feet from side of property line with slide outs extended. (CR)

2.03     15 Feet from opposite property line or between units (CR)

2.04     Minimum of five (5) feet from front of property line. (CR)

2.05     Units not to exceed 400 square feet and have no loft, upper storage area, or upper living area and this includes all slide-outs. (CR)

2.06     Unit to meet all park regulations.

2.07     All units to show site plan and elevation plan to be filed in the office.

2.08     Any Member that has a vacant lot intended for rental for any period of time must insure that all RV’s that will occupy said lot will not be older than fifteen (15) years and be in compliance with the Park rules. No units shall be allowed that are unsightly, offensive or detrimental to the Park’s overall appearance. No tent trailers allowed to be used as living quarters. Refer to the site plan revised December 2000.

2.09     Skirting to be color and design similar to unit and must be installed within twelve (12) months of location of unit. Un-skirted units parked for more than one (1) calendar year, must be removed from the park for a minimum of 14 days per calendar year.


2.10     Parking space on each site nine (9) feet by 25 feet. (CR)

2.11     Unit not to exceed 42 feet in length or 12 feet in width, with total square footage no to exceed 400 sq. ft. of floor space including slide outs.

2.12     All units being occupied must be connected to Park sewer system.

2.13     No free standing secondary roof over a unit will be allowed.

2.14     Fire Safety: Each QVA site is to have an operational 75’ (FT) in length and 5/8” diameter garden hose with an adjustable nozzle attached to an operational water supply and available 365 days a year.


3.01     Not to exceed length of unit. (CR)

3.02     Not to exceed 12 feet in width. (CR)

3.03     Awning permitted over tip-outs with proper support and drains with County permit.(CR)

3.04     Supports for awning allowed from vertical to one (1) foot from vertical. (CR)

3.05     Support from one (1) foot offset to a maximum of three (3) feet must have a County Permit. (CR)

3.06     All awnings require drawing showing elevation supports of post and permits from County. (CR)

3.07     Only free standing awnings are allowed and must comply with Title 25-1468. Not to exceed 12 feet wide and not to exceed the length and height of the unit. Park and county permit required. (CR) No temporary or portable awnings are allowed.

3.08     Window awnings to comply with Title 25, not to exceed 42 inches and clearance from ground of six (6) feet two (2) inches. In no case may the window awning extend more than 36 inches horizontally extended from building or beyond the property line. (CR)


4.01     Clothesline, not to exceed eight (8) feet in length and must be placed at rear of unit and not visible from the street.


5.01     All units must have no less than three (3) inch solid plastic pipe hook up to sewer. All units must comply with Riverside County Code Title 25-1680.

5.02     No washing machines or electric dyers are allowed on any space/lot. A gas dryer is permitted in sheds provided a Riverside County Permit is obtained.

5.03     Temporary units, RV’s, 5th wheels or trailers located on lots/spaces should not use any washer. A dryer may only be used if it is gas.

5.04     A “Quail Valley Handicap Permit” will be issued by the Board of Directors upon demonstration of a need to facilitate special circumstances. Such permits are not transferable and will be considered void at time of transfer/sale of membership. Only liquid laundry detergent is to be used in any washer in the laundry room at Quail Valley Park.


6.01     Propane tanks shall be securely but not permanently fastened to unit. Tanks are not to exceed a maximum of 25 gallons.

6.02     Propane only for kitchen stoves.


7.01     Electric services box should be accessible and unlocked for inspection in case of emergency. No electrical service connections to the EWS post if a moveable unit is stored. Refer to California Code T25-1646.



8.01     Ramada roofs, cabanas, Arizona rooms and permanently enclosed patios are prohibited.


9.01     Fences or gates can be three (3) feet in height, but not above six (6) feet and may not obstruct the neighbors view. Any fence installed perpendicular to the street must have a minimum of five (5) feet clearance to the edge of the asphalt.

9.02     Solid walls not allowed to be more than three (3) feet in height.

9.03     Lattice fence may be up to six (6) feet in height with approved ventilation.


10.01   Flexible non-permeable screening of cloth, plastic or fiberglass is allowed around a deck or patio, but not to exceed in length beyond awning and metal posts. Any screening extending beyond awning post becomes an awning extension, which is not allowed. There must be six (6) inches clearance at either top or bottom and must be installed in a horizontal position with posts, and be esthetically acceptable to the Architectural Committee. Permeable (self-venting) material such as insect and /or sun screening shall not require six(6) inches of clearance at either top or bottom for ventilation. If the sides and bottom of the awning enclosure fabric are not permanently

           affixed to a structure, a county permit is not required as per California Code, Title 25, Division1,Chapter 2.2 of the Special Occupancy Parks Regulations.          


11.01   Metal slat type screening is allowed, but only two (2) sides of patio. It shall not exceed a depth of three (3) feet below under edge of awning and not extend in length beyond awning posts and must be installed in a horizontal position with regard to post. Slat must have six (6) foot two (2) inch clearance from the ground.


12.01   Not to exceed 100 square feet if eight (8) feet nine (9) inches in elevation. (CR)

12.02   Metal sheds can be placed close to property line, no windows on property line.

12.03   Wooden sheds with fire barrier walls of 5/8 inch drywall, same as metal sheds.

12.04   Rain water must not drip on neighbor’s property.

12.05   Sheds are not to be used for sleeping quarters.


13.01   Any of the following are not allowed. Exceptions need prior written approval of Architectural Committee:



14.01   Walking areas are not to exceed three (3) feet in width.

14.02   No concrete or concrete fills without Architectural Committee approval.

14.03   Design approval by Architectural Committee required for other than straight or slightly curved walkways.

14.04   Tree planting to be limited. All planting must be approved by Garden Committee or the Board of Directors.

14.05   Trees and plants must be kept trimmed so as not to overhang roadways or property lines. All changes to greenbelt plants require pre-approval by Garden and Architectural Committee.


15.01   For Sale and/or Rent signs will be not more than 15 inches wide and 15 inches in length. Only one (1) sign “For Rent” and one (1) “For Sale” sign to a unit allowed. It should be placed inside of the unit on a window or door facing the street. Where no unit is on site, the sign will be placed in an acceptable constructed frame to be posted in front of the space available.    



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