Rules & Regulations PDF

Updated Feb. 16, 2012


Pursuant to the
authority set forth in the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and
Restrictions of Quail Valley Association,
Inc., as recorded in the office of Riverside County Recorder, and which
Covenants and Restrictions run with the land and are binding upon the owners
thereof, the undersigned officers appointed by the Board of Directors of the
Association do hereby set forth the following Architectural and design standard
rules and regulations. Refer to rules in
current use and applicable California Civil, Corporate and Health Codes.

Quail Valley Park is a
"55" and older membership park and is occupied by Motor homes, 5th
Wheel trailers, Trailers and Park Model trailers with certain use
limitations as quoted in the architectural rules and regulations.

Prior to selling a membership in Quail Valley
Park, the seller must first contact the Park Office for an informational packet
of our Park Rules and Regulations and our Architectural Rules and Regulations
to give to a prospective buyer. After
reading, the agreement must be signed and returned to the Board of
Directors. Persons contemplating the
purchase of a Quail Valley membership must meet with representatives of the
Board prior to any monetary commitment.

Board Member should be contacted if park repair is needed. Direct contact with maintenance employees is
not permitted except for emergencies and
no Board member is available. (i.e. water line breakage or similar
emergency). A plot plan of any
permanent structure addition or change, including exterior painting and ground
cover changes must have prior and final written approval of the Architectural

semi-permanent awning or awning attached to the recreational vehicle is
permitted with prior approval of the Architectural Committee, provided it is
not more than twelve (12) feet in width, is not longer than the roof line of
the vehicle and does not extend beyond the front or rear of the vehicle roof line
at the point of attachment.
Semi-permanent awnings shall be so constructed that both awning and the
supporting structures are detachable. A
free standing awning or a semi-permanent
awning of a maximum width of twelve (12)
feet is permitted provided it has prior approval of the Architectural Committee
and Riverside County Building Department.
A free standing temporary shade canopy or garage is not allowed. Trailers, motor homes, etc., shall not exceed
a basic width of eight (8) feet six (6) inches and a tip out or slide out unit
shall meet Riverside County requirements.
Total maximum length of any coach will not exceed forty-two (42) feet in
length. This will include slide-outs
without exceeding the 400 sq. ft. rule.
At least fifteen (15) feet must be maintained between units being used
as a residence. At least three (3) foot
clearance from property line must be maintained on side and rear, with five (5)
foot clearance in front. Slide out must
conform to three (3) foot clearance. No
shed shall be allowed as a living or sleeping space nor as a storage space over
existing main floor area (i.e. no 2nd story or loft).

of the trailers is permitted, but such skirting shall be limited to
conventional metallic skirting of a color and design similar to that of the
vehicle, or other materials considered complimentary to the area, with the
approval of the Architectural committee.
All permanent vehicles must be skirted within twelve (12) months. Any recreational vehicle, would be classed as
permanent if there were anything that would stop the vehicle from being moved
at a moment's notice, such as a permanent awning, flower gardens in front,
permanent watering systems, or rigid sewer connections. There should not be anything not originally
issued to the vehicle. Any unit which
sits nine (9) months or more will be considered permanent.

additions or attachments to a trailer, motor home, etc., other than expressly
permitted herein, on top, front, side or underneath are prohibited. Swamp coolers, air conditioners and wind
turbines are excluded.

rooms, cabanas, Arizona rooms, permanently enclosed patios and loft models are

Only one
(1) recreational vehicle per site connected to utilities is allowed. No other vehicle parked at the recreational
vehicle site except for the primary recreational vehicle shall be used for human habitation on a temporary
or permanent basis. In addition to the
primary recreational vehicle, two cars, vans or light trucks may be parked at
the recreational vehicle space. One (1)
recreational vehicle may be substituted for these other vehicles provided it is
the only available source of transportation.
Vehicles must be operable and have current registration. An extra vehicle may be parked on a vacant
site, provided you have the lot owners written permission (copy to be on file
in the office). Any RV brought into park
for the purpose of loading or unloading may be parked in the street for a
maximum of twenty-four (24) hours. It is
prohibited to block a neighbor's driveway without the neighbor's
permission. Off-street parking to load
or unload RVs is limited to forty-eight (48) hours. Parking of automobiles on the streets is
prohibited due to the narrowness of the roads, and accommodation of emergency
vehicles. Residents are requested to
inform their guests where parking spaces are located throughout the park. Service vehicles are exempt.

No animals
or fowl shall be kept or maintained on the space except one ordinary household
pet. State law prohibits leashing a dog
to a fixed object for more than three (3) hours. Only one pet or service animal per
space. Pets must be in an enclosure or
on a leash. It is the duty of the pet
owner to clean up any droppings both within the park and on adjacent properties. Pets that are walked must be on a short leash
so they may not enter onto anyone else's lot.
Pets must not be exercised from a
wheeled vehicle.

No use or
practice which is the source of annoyance to other residents or interferes with
the peaceful possession and proper use of the property by other residents shall
be allowed. There shall be no loud
noises between 10:00 PM and 7:00 AM except for park functions. In all instances owners are responsible and
liable for the conduct of guests.

All parts of
the units shall be kept in a clean and sanitary condition, and no refuse or
garbage shall be allowed to accumulate nor any fire hazards allowed to
exist. No major appliances (i.e.
refrigerators, stoves, freezers) will be allowed on patios or decks. All garbage must be secured in bags before
being put in the dumpsters.

Each residence shall be limited to no more
than two (2) adults, except upon approval of the Board of Directors in special
hardship cases.

Visitors and guests shall be limited to no more
than two (2) weeks stay. If host member
is not in residence, written permission for guest use of their lot or unit must
be on file in the office and guests are required to register in the office. In all instances owners are responsible and
liable for the conduct of their guests.

Owners forfeit their use of park facilities
while their unit/lot is rented out and they are not in residence in the
park. All overnight visitors must be
registered in the registry book provided in the library, and must have a visitors
card displayed in their vehicle.

Visitors and guests are permitted to use the
facilities of the park, but are regulated by the same rules governing the
members. Pool tables are not to be used
by persons under the age of twelve (12).
Those between the ages of twelve (12) and seventeen (17) MUST have adult
supervision. Beverages and food within
the game room are prohibited.

Clotheslines must be limited to eight (8) feet
in length and placed at rear of unit and not visible from the street.

The ten mile per hour (10 MPH) speed limit in
the park is for the protection and safety of the residents and must be adhered

Children must be kept under close supervision
at all times. Bike and scooter riding
without an adult is not allowed.
Skateboarding or roller blading is prohibited, this is for the safety of
the residents. A child without a license
must have an adult riding with them in order to operate a golf cart.

shortcuts by walking through other people's lots without permission is prohibited.

No vegetation or other obstruction shall be
planted or maintained in such a location or of such a height so as to obstruct
the view from any other space or to obstruct electric meters. Replanting should only be vegetation that is
indigenous to the desert. Private trees
shall not be allowed to become a nuisance or hazard to the neighboring

All members who are renting or leasing their
space must inform the renter or lessee of the Park Rules and Regulations. Renters must qualify with our 55 or older
rule. They are required to sign a
statement that they have read and will abide by these rules, which will be
placed on file in the QVA office.
Renters must also pay a $25.00 administration fee each time they rent a
space. Spaces must be rented for a
minimum of 30 days. A renter may rent a
space or combination of spaces a maximum of 180 days. This 180 day time period starts with the
first day of the first rental and runs continually until the 180 day period has
expired. After that period of 180 days,
the renter may not rent any other space in Quail Valley Park until a period of
60 days has expired. Nothing in this
rule prohibits a member from renting their space more than once to other
renters. However, a member may not rent
or lease their space for more than a total of 180 days in any calendar
year. Renters of a unit or lot assume
all rights and privileges assigned to that membership, except voting on
Association business. Renters cannot
sub-lease. Amended Feb. 16, 2012.

A fine of
$25.00 per day may be levied for any violation of the park rules and
regulations, after written notification to the owner.

People who
live or rent in the park cannot be employed by the park with the exception of
the maintenance employees and office manager.
Personnel may be retained on a temporary basis.

Sidewalk, garage, or patio sales are
prohibited except under auspices of the social committee with a maximum of two (2) park-wide sales per year. Any checks written by any Quail Valley Park
committees requires two (2) signatures.

No open
fires of any kind are allowed and only manufactured barbeques are to be used
for outdoor patio cooking. It is
recommended that outdoor cooking be done only on concrete or stone with water
available. Per Fire Department regulations
there is to be a five (5) foot clearance of any vehicle at fire hydrants. Vehicles parked near are subject to damage
from fire fighting equipment and the financial responsibility is the owners.

machines must be attended while in use, in the laundry.

All front gate remote control instruments are
the property of the Quail Valley Park membership space for which it was
originally purchased and is to remain with that membership in any property
exchange. They should be stored in a
safe manner and any loss should be reported to the Office immediately. Battery replacement is the owner's

All tools, large and small, must be signed out
and returned to the shop the day they are borrowed.

Satellite dishes of twenty-two (22) inches or
less are permitted with Architectural Committee approval.

Fruit trees on the green belts are to be
enjoyed by all Park residents. Pick only
what can be personally used and do not pick fruit from private lots without
prior permission from lot resident.

No, for-profit business is to be conducted in
the Park. Helping Hands is not
considered a business, nor are service jobs done for the park's residents.
Handicraft items to be used in Park sales are also exempt.

Lot/Membership: No member may own more than one (1)
membership. (See QVA By-Laws and CA
Corporate Code 7312). Members who
currently have ownership of more than one (1) lot will be allowed to keep those
over the limit until they are disposed of by attrition. That attrition will be obtained through the
sale, transfer, or the transfer of the lot/membership as the result of the
death of a member. State required differences would be maintained upon
the death transfer to survivor/beneficiaries.
Lot/membership exchanges between members in Quail Valley Park would
require that one wanting to purchase a new lot must first place their lot for
sale with the Park Sales staff. This lot
cannot be removed from the market until it is sold, nor can it be rented out during
the time it is listed for sale. To avoid
being excluded from the market you could place an offer on the lot you wish to
purchase on a contingent sale basis if the seller agrees.

All facilities and equipment is provided as a
courtesy to the residents and their guests, but not on a membership basis. You should seek the advice of a physician or
other qualified health provider before beginning any exercise program,
including the use of any of the equipment contained on the premises. If you have a condition that could be
affected by physical activity, you are encouraged to consult your medical
provider prior to the use of any of the
equipment contained herein.

Pool capacity is 96 persons;
South Spa (large) is 16 persons;
North Spa (small) is 12 persons.
Pool Hours are 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM.

All persons using pools must shower before
going into the pools.

No food, beverages, or containers of any kind
are allowed in the pool area, except soft plastic water bottles. This is defined as all the deck area around
the pool and spa area. The lower level
walkway by the recreation hall, has tables and chairs and may be used for
beverages and food, but none are to be carried at any time to the upper level
pool deck.

Absolutely no oils or lotions in the pool area
at any time. Oils and lotions combined
with the sun, create an adverse reaction to the plastic chairs and lounges and
damage them. The filtering system
filters cannot absorb the oil and causes filters to be plugged and become inoperable.

Chairs and lounges are not to be reserved by
putting towels or clothing on them. The
hooks in the spa area are provided for towels, etc.

persons using pools do so at their own risk.
Pools are for members and guests only.
No lifeguard is on duty.

Running, unsafe activities and unnecessary
noise is not permitted in the pool area.
Radios and tapes must be kept at a low level.

Street shoes must be removed before entering
shower stalls.

Pets are not allowed in the pool complex area,
including hot tubs, showers, dining hall, laundry, pool/exercise rooms (Per
County Health Dept.)/

Those with long hair, being below the
neckline, must wear caps or nets or be controlled or fastened. This applies to males as well as females.

All buildings, excluding showers adjacent to pool area are
not to be entered in wet apparel.

Children's hours are from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM
and from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM each day, and must be under adult supervision, who
are in the immediate area of the pool at all times.

NO children under the age of two (2) years of age or in diapers are
allowed in pools.

NO children under the age of fourteen (14)
years may use the hot spas. (Per County Health Dept.).

Children two (2) to sixteen (16) years of age
may use the pool only during posted hours and under adult supervision within
the immediate area.

No jumping or diving into the pool.

Elderly persons, pregnant women and those with
health conditions requiring medical care should consult with their physician
before entering a spa, hot tub, or sauna.

Use by children under the age of fourteen (14)
is prohibited by law.

Hot water immersion while under the influence
of alcohol, narcotics, drugs or medicine may lead to serious consequences and
is not recommended. Do not use spas
alone. Long exposure may result in
nausea, dizziness or fainting.

Management reserves the right to deny use of
the pools to anyone who does not comply with the rules.